KC Felt Construction is a builder of custom homes in Oceana County and throughout West Michigan. Our goal is to provide every client with a quality, durable and energy efficient new home that they can be proud to call their home for many “trouble-free” years.

Fulfilling Dreams, One Home at a Time

Every person has different ideas of what their dream home should be. The young couple or family may be dreaming of an affordable starter home; an established and growing family may be looking for a larger living space; the retired couple may envision a more stylish home with more amenities and extras.

Regardless of the size and style of their dream home, we try to treat each client on an individual basis, working closely with them through the entire building process to make sure that their dream home becomes reality, rather than becoming a nightmare.

Energy Efficient and Long-Lasting Homes

KC Felt Construction has been dedicated to building quality, energy-efficient homes right from the start. We also have researched and employed “green” building methods and technology long before it became prominent in the building industry.

In applying this philosophy to our building methods, we specialize in building homes with ICF (insulated concrete forms) technology from Phoenix to maximize the strength, durability and energy efficiency of each home that we build. While other contractors may use ICF components in foundation construction, we employ ICF components in building the entire shell of the house. By extending the insulation and strength factors of the ICF components to the entire structure, we maximize the potential for energy savings in heating and cooling the home, as well as improving the durability of the home’s structure through the prevention of common problems such as water damage and termite infestation.

Our dedication to quality does not stop with just the structure of the home, though. We refuse to cut corners in the quality of windows, doors, and appliances when finishing a home as well. We know that although using cheaper products may save a few dollars in the construction, they will cost the homeowner more in the long run through frequent problems, maintenance, and short-term replacement costs. We want every part of our custom homes to last and remain trouble-free for as long as possible.

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 Posted on : February 26, 2018