KC Felt Construction began building custom homes in Oceana County in 1978. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to building every home, no matter the size, with the same excellence in quality and energy efficiency.

Clarence Felt, the President of KC Felt Construction, is a native of Oceana County and has spent most of his life in the local home building industry. Even as a boy, he was engaged in opportunities to repair and remodel homes, and he knew that the building trade would be his lifelong pursuit. In making improvements to his own family home and other homes and cottages along the lakeshore, he developed a desire to provide durable, safe, and efficient homes for others to enjoy and benefit from.

After graduating from Shelby High School, Clarence spent 4 years in carpentry trade school to become a journeyman carpenter. Upon finishing trade school, he worked for a building contractor building residential homes in the West Michigan lakeshore area. Starting his own residential building company in 1978, he got his first real opportunity to build custom homes through a relationship that he developed with a prominent local architect.

KC Felt Construction continues to provide new homes for homeowners in Oceana County and West Michigan as a dually licensed building contractor (corporate and individual) in the state of Michigan. Our building services include custom homes of all sizes, remodeling and renovation, light commercial construction, home additions, and outbuildings and garages.

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 Posted on : February 26, 2018